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What Gets Measured Gets Done!

KPIfix™ is an easy to use web application
for managing Key Performance Indicators
and increasing company profits

Benefits of tracking KPI's
Increase your Profits
Profits increase by focusing on ALL the critical areas across your business that are geared towards serving your customers.
Focus on your Customers
Determine the benefits that are important to your customers and measure your impact against those metrics to gain a leading edge in the marketplace.
Improve your Operations
Focus on making your operations more efficient  and productive.
How can we operate to better serve our customers?.
Motivate and focus your People
What gets measured gets done!  Your people can aim towards a goal. Success can be measured against concrete targets.
KPIfix™ is based on the Balance Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a management system used by nearly 60% of Fortune 500 companies. It translates Mission and Vision statements into concrete objectives and Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s. These objectives and KPI’s are assigned to company employees bringing focus and alignment across the organization. Most companies experience an increase in company profits as a result of becoming more customer focused, improving operational efficiency, and building a more focused, motivated  team of employees.

Ease of use
Web Based
Powerful KPI Dashboard
Scalable SQL Database
Bank level security
Who's it for?
Smaller Businesses
Where IT resources are limited and you don't have the time or cash for a big, complex software solution.
High Growth Companies
Manage growth by setting concrete goals and objectives resulting in visibility and accountability.
Businesses with multiple locations
Keep track of similar KPI's across various geographic locations, divisions or projects.
Investors and Venture Capitalists
Get visibility and control of how your portfolio companies are performing.
Non-profit Organizations
Use the proven methods of the Balanced Scorecard by using our affordable web-based solution.

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